Case Study : Brand photography for Fingertips...

London based home technology experts 'Fingertips' were looking for some additional brand images to support their friendly 'Fingerbob'. They were quite happy with the 'fingertip-on-the-phone' they've been using as their key brand image since they began the business but thought that he could do with some friends and colleagues to use across marketing and promotional activity. Always up for a photographic challenge (particularly one where we get to do a little bit of illustration) we were keen to take the task on.

Firstly we created some customer fingerbobs. Friendly, cheery and all different enough to represent the array of clients which Fingertips help out.

Next up were the Fingertips 'Tipsters'. The super knowledgeable team, keen to pop round and streamline their customer's computer systems, electronic filing, photographs and digital devices.

These chirpy characters will be popping up across the Fingertips promotional material from here on in. We're pretty pleased with how they turned out and developing them was certainly entertaining.