Case Study : A new website and some photography for Fourpenny...

When we met the guys from the Fourpenny Workshop, mostly we just liked their fabulous Shepherd's Huts. Their website was in need of a bit of updating to make it mobile friendly and a little bit more impactful though - so that's exactly what we did.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 20.25.11.png

They already had some great photography - it just wasn't being shown off as much as it deserved. We gave the site a good dose of vintage style too and updated all the copy so it really communicates what great projects are possible.

The other thing the Fourpenny Workshop needed was a webshop to sell their mini Shepherd's Huts. We set up the facility on their website with a Stripe payment system for ease and security.

We photographed all the little huts too so the shop has plenty of strong product shots which show off their unique characteristics.

Then it was just a case of a little bit of social media input. Fingers crossed they'll sell plenty of these mini huts, and get lots of interest for the big ones too.

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