Case Study : New branding, stationery and a stylish website for Exclusive Seals...

Exclusive Seals is a small, successful label printing business with a long history. Printing beautiful labels and seals, they needed a new website which is mobile friendly and some lovely stationery to show off their level of attention to detail and keep their samples safe.

As well as a new logo design which helped to communicate the company's long history and quality work, we designed some quirky illustrations for their site, to show the typical uses for their labels and brighten things up a bit. We also photographed plenty of their labels to form a comprehensive gallery so potential new customers could clearly see the quality of their product.

Adding a good selection of excellent testimonials to the site finished it off nicely and the team at Exclusive Seals seemed thoroughly pleased with everything.

Case Study : A new website and some photography for Fourpenny...

When we met the guys from the Fourpenny Workshop, mostly we just liked their fabulous Shepherd's Huts. Their website was in need of a bit of updating to make it mobile friendly and a little bit more impactful though - so that's exactly what we did.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 20.25.11.png

They already had some great photography - it just wasn't being shown off as much as it deserved. We gave the site a good dose of vintage style too and updated all the copy so it really communicates what great projects are possible.

The other thing the Fourpenny Workshop needed was a webshop to sell their mini Shepherd's Huts. We set up the facility on their website with a Stripe payment system for ease and security.

We photographed all the little huts too so the shop has plenty of strong product shots which show off their unique characteristics.

Then it was just a case of a little bit of social media input. Fingers crossed they'll sell plenty of these mini huts, and get lots of interest for the big ones too.

If you think your business could benefit from a little bit of Tiny Marketing, why not give us a call?

Case Study : Branding & a website for Paratus Law...

When new business, Paratus Law came to us for a little bit of branding help and a professional looking website, we developed the ideas they had already and came up with something super smart.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 20.04.50.png

We spruced up their logo and created business stationery.

We developed a stylish new website with plenty of room for testimonials and an overall feel of 'approachable'.

We incorporated a blog to keep things fresh and communicate all the latest legal headlines and we made sure the social media side looked the part too..

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 20.02.48.png

We upload blogs ongoing for Paratus, help out with the finishing touches to presentations and provide whatever Tiny Marketing they need. Happily they seem pretty happy with our services too:

"Balancing first class advice & guidance, professionalism and attention detail with genuine approachability and a ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude is so very rarely achieved but Erica and Andrew manage to pull this off with aplomb. Simply, they are very, very good at what they do and a real pleasure to work with. Erica and Andrew created more than just my first impression and far exceeded my expectations of what was achievable with my budget. I am so very grateful to them and hope to work closely with them for a long time to come.”
Simon Arthur : Paratus Law

Case Study : Promotional material for Big Crocodile clothing...

Hampshire based sports clothing company, Big Crocodile needed a little bit of a strategy chat to help get the next phase of their growth in action. We pulled together our ideas in a mini marketing plan and then got going on a couple of the actions which had cropped up.

Firstly we designed and printed some characterful tags, incorporating a brand new company strapline and Big Crocodile's brilliantly quirky graphics.

Printed on nice posh 350g silk card with handy drill holes, the tags will be attached to Big Crocodile's T-shirts, sweatshirts and joggers. With a little bit of information about the brand and a call for social networkers, they should add a nice finishing touch to the range.

We also designed a handy flyer for Big Crocodile to hand out to potential customers at Trade Shows, gyms and clubs. With contact information, brand detail and plenty of nice pictures of Big Crocodile products, hopefully they'll prove to be a useful promotional tool ongoing.

If your business could benefit from some nice new business cards, tags or postcards, why not get in touch?

Case Study : A new website for Healthy & Delicious

We've been working with London based, gluten free gourmets 'Healthy and Delicious' for a while now. As well as blogging and logo development, we've created a simple yet scrumptious website for them, incorporating a webshop, social networking feeds, video and lots of lovely photography. The result is a site that's easy to navigate and full of personality.

We designed some bold new homepage banners, using illustration and a gorgeous palette of colours, drawn directly from their Italian ingredients - tomato red, polenta yellow and olive green.


We added a characterful signature font with a definite flourish...

We made sure the Healthy & Delicious shop showcased all the wonderful dishes that are available, and that it was user-friendly.


We incorporated some of the videos which the H&D team had produced to highlight the artisan nature of their products.


We also made sure that the Healthy & Delicious Blog was highlighted and easy to browse, because of its importance as a tool to keep the site fresh.

We're pretty pleased with the resulting site, and H&D seem happy with it too: 

‘Working with Erica and the team at Our Tiny Marketing Co. makes you feel you have your own in-house team while saving thousands of pounds.  
Intelligent, efficient at problem solving and highly professional. We started with one small project and now work with the team on all our web, copy and marketing - Brilliant’
Louisa Grasso - Founder: Healthy & Delicious.

Case Study : A new website for Captivate London...

Captivate is a busy London based agency which supplies models, performers and promotional staff for nationwide events. They needed a new, improved website to show off their huge portfolio of fabulous photography and to detail their credentials.

We've kept the layout and styling simple so not to detract from the vibrant photography but we've produced clear and engaging copy throughout. We've used slideshows wherever we can so the content is always dynamic and interesting.


One of the most important objectives was to reflect the brand's sophistication and professionalism so we incorporated plenty of glowing testimonials and a strong team biog.

If you think your brand or business could do with a bolder, better website then why not get in touch?

Case Study : Brand photography for Fingertips...

London based home technology experts 'Fingertips' were looking for some additional brand images to support their friendly 'Fingerbob'. They were quite happy with the 'fingertip-on-the-phone' they've been using as their key brand image since they began the business but thought that he could do with some friends and colleagues to use across marketing and promotional activity. Always up for a photographic challenge (particularly one where we get to do a little bit of illustration) we were keen to take the task on.

Firstly we created some customer fingerbobs. Friendly, cheery and all different enough to represent the array of clients which Fingertips help out.

Next up were the Fingertips 'Tipsters'. The super knowledgeable team, keen to pop round and streamline their customer's computer systems, electronic filing, photographs and digital devices.

These chirpy characters will be popping up across the Fingertips promotional material from here on in. We're pretty pleased with how they turned out and developing them was certainly entertaining.



Promotional postcards for Anyfish...

We do love a promotional postcard. It's a great way of spreading the word about a business whilst keeping costs low because (if you make it beautiful enough) people will stick it onto their kitchen pinboard and it will keep on catching their eye. Small enough to fit into a back pocket but no so small it gets lost and with plenty of space for a good amount of information, we can't recommend them enough.

We said the same to Pete Atkinson from the Anyfish shop and he asked us to design a couple for him. The first is one for a door-to-door drop - smart, eye-catching and with a bit of a sense of humour - just like him.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 20.06.48.png

And the second featured a photograph of his brand new charter boat which he's looking to get plenty of interest in.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 20.07.23.png

With all that character and personality, these promotional postcards should be snapped up and Pete can have as many re-printed in the future as he likes.

If you think your business could benefit from handing out a postcard or two, why not drop us a line and we'll design something thoroughly engaging.

'Love these guys I get them and they get me. They help me with my big ideas for a mini budget. Thanks chaps x'
Pete Atkinson : Anyfish

Case Study : A new website for eGlove...

High-tech, sports glove on-line retailer eGlove has been trading successfully for years now but they needed a bit of a refresh for their website, to bring it in line with their slick product offer.

We used some of their existing impactful photography and some straight forward messaging to update the eGlove website and make it a lot more striking, streamlined and user-friendly...

Case Study : A simple website & blog for The Growth Collective

We’ve been working with business consultant team ‘The Growth Collective’ for a while now. Originally they came to us for some branding input and to set up a web holding page so that they could begin to network.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 09.33.26.png

We developed a simple, striking logo for them and an identity for each of the four areas of their business. Then came snazzy business cards and a web page, linked to a blog so they could begin to communicate with potential clients.

More recently we’ve upscaled their website a little, with extra pages and a more impactful blog design and it’s fair to say they’re happy with it so far…

“Fantastic company to work with, Andrew and Erica are pure genius! Would like to thank you both for all of your hard work and dedication to building our brand.” 
Louise Phelps - Director - The Growth Collective.

Case Study : Promotional postcards for Valentine Primary School

A Southampton based Primary School needed a couple of tools to help highlight their music offering within the school and beyond. Having seen our promotional postcards in the past they felt that these economical and flexible mini-posters would be a low key, fun solution, along with a set of cheery button badges.  A design was required which had it's very own brand but still fitted into the School's look and feel and the kids had come up with a few strapline and artwork ideas which we used as inspiration.

We opted for a mainly hand-drawn approach and kept the designs broad and light hearted. We used them specifically for postcards and badges but kept the artwork general enough to be used in the future across school literature, the school website and perhaps even a collection of cute tee-shirts.

“A big thank you from Valentine Primary School! Erica did a brilliant job at transforming sketches drawn by the children into designs that we've used for postcards and badges. Really swift work and high quality results even on our modest budget...and best of all, the children love them!”  Victoria Jones - Head of Music - Valentine Primary School.

Case Study : A new website for anyfish

Our local fishmonger had changed his business name and logo but wanted to update his website to reflect his snazzy new brand. We thought his new website needed plenty of personality, a sprinkling of humour, some gorgeous photos of his scrumptious produce and lots of detail about all the other things he does as well as selling fish. So that's what we got to work on.

We picked Pete a quirky, characterful font that worked well with our specially hand drawn illustrations and made sure that his deli, smokery and charter fishing trips were all clearly communicated and brought to life in a vibrant way with some great photography.

Pete now has a blog facility so he can gather pictures and stories from his fishing trips and smoking sessions and his Facebook page is aligned with the same look and feel as his website. We've made sure his website is full of plenty of all important so friendly keywords and a googlemap to make sure everyone knows where to find his shop.

Take a look at the anyfish website here:

'Love these guys I get them and they get me. They help me with my big ideas for a mini budget. Thanks chaps x'
Pete Atkinson - Anyfish, Bishop's Waltham

Case Study : Yoga with Natalie

We've created a brand new logo for Natalie's business so she has a clearer identity and stands out strongly on a Facebook feed.  We developed something bold and stylish and featured Natalie's favourite yoga phrase.  Andrew popped into one of her classes with his camera and took some suitable supporting snaps too - real people doing real yoga, which is exactly what Natalie's class is all about.

a new logo for Natalie
“After using Our Tiny Marketing Co to promote my Yoga business I was impressed by their personal touch and professionalism. Andrew and Erica offered great advice and helped enhance my business, they have a unique and fresh approach to design and understanding your needs. It only remains for me to say that I can recommend them highly.”
Natalie Pennial - Founder - Yoga with Natalie.

A lovely leaflet...

We put this handy A5 leaflet together for Hotel Supplies Ltd to hand out to potential customers at a high profile industry Trade Fair.  Printed onto luxurious matt paper and featuring vibrant photography, engaging copy and our quirky brand illustrations, they proved to be a truly cost effective way to get the essence of the Hotel Supplies offer across to the Trade Fair audience...

Case Study : Hotel Supplies Ltd

Our Tiny Marketing Co is a one stop marketing shop for Hotel Supplies Ltd.  

We've worked on developing their website by adding SEO friendly copy throughout, we've added personality-driven graphics, provided photography, and helped make the navigation work harder.


We work on a fortnightly blog to help highlight the Hotel Supplies Ltd news, views and favourite products and we manage their email newsletters, creating the templates and maintaining the mailing list.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.24.12.png

Currently we're working on a brochure, some flyers and a bit of a facelift for the Hotel Supplies social networking pages.  Watch this space.


Case Study : Erica Quincey Knits

We created some super smart branding for this luxurious knitted homewear brand, to use throughout their labelling and communications...

...and then we generated some cute and colourful illustrative elements to bring personality and a clear identity to the website, social networking pages and brochure.

We even made sure the buttons on the website fitted with the brand.

The product photography was super-important so we took plenty of pictures to showcase the detail of the fabrics, the gorgeous colours and the appeal of Erica's homewear pieces.


Erica's history was well worth talking about on her website and blog, so we made sure it was written engagingly and brought to life with style...

Case Study : Candy Coral Nails

Antonia wanted a professional, approachable brand that would be full of personality for her home based nail salon, so we came up with 'Candy Coral'...

She wanted some eye-catching business cards to promote her brand new business, so that's what we made her...

We also laid out some gorgeous gift vouchers she could use to reward loyal customers and woo new ones...

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 20.47.39.png

And as she wanted to use Facebook as the Candy Coral Nails website, we made sure that her page looked the business too...

Thank you ‘Our Tiny Marketing Co’ for the gorgeous logo and business post-cards. I love my new business identity and it’s already attracted new clients. A great tailored marketing service for a great price, would highly recommend
— Antonia Heal: Founder - Candy Coral.